LDV G10 Van Power Chip Features:
EliteDrive Diesel Power Module suits LDV G10
LDV G10 Van Power Chip Features:
ldv d90 upgrades
ldv d90 upgrades

EliteDrive Diesel Power Module suits LDV V80 2014+

LDV V80 Van Power Upgrade With Elitedrive Diesel Power Module with Fuel Rail and Boost Control The Elitedrive Power Module simultaneously raises fuel rail pressure and available boost, safely creating more power and torque from within the reserves of your...
Product Type: Performance Enhancement
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LDV G10 Van Power Chip Features:

EliteDrive Diesel Power Module suits LDV V80 2014+

$724.00 $651.00

EliteDrive Diesel Power Module suits LDV V80 2014+

$724.00 $651.00
  • Description
  • Disclaimer
  • Warranty
  • Description
  • LDV V80 Van Power Upgrade With Elitedrive Diesel Power Module with Fuel Rail and Boost Control

    The Elitedrive Power Module simultaneously raises fuel rail pressure and available boost, safely creating more power and torque from within the reserves of your engine. Enjoy more power every time you drive and make towing a breeze! Nothing will give you your LDV V80 Van a power upgrade like an Elitedrive Diesel Power Module. 100% Plug & Play!

    LDV V80 Van Power Chip Features:

    • Up to 30% More Power and Torque across the Rev Range
    • Enjoy up to 15% Better Economy
    • 5 Power Maps to Select Mild to Maximum
    • All Tunes derived from Real World Dyno Testing
    • Simple DIY Plug & Play Installation
    • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Suits LDV V80 2014 onwards model vehicles.


    Engine KW Before KW Gains Kw After Nm Before NM Gains Nm After PS Before PS Gains PS After
    2499 100 +26Kw 126 330 +64Nm 394 134 +49ps 167

    Frequently Asked Questions About Power Module Chips

    How easy is it to install?The Power Module is a Plug & Play installation. Because we use 100% OEM quality connections, this allows our plugs to connect safety to y our vehicles existing wiring loom and rail/fuel sensors. Most installs take under 20 minutes with a small delay to allow the vehicle to power down. Each vehicle installation instructions are individual depending on make, model and engine, however this is an example installation guide that comes with a Power Module – 2.0 Ford Ranger Raptor Engine Installation Guide. 

    How does the Power Module achieve its performance?
     A dyno run is carried out, and 5 real world tunes are developed from mild to maximum. Those 5 tunes are then tested to make sure air/fuel ratio’s and exhaust gas temps are all within manufacturers specifications. Power gains are generated by applying dynamic fuel rail turning while simultaneously making available up to 3psi more boost which will bring your engine to life. The optimisation applied each map improve engine power and enhance performance that results in fuel savings and much more enjoyable drive. 

    Will the Power Module cause excess wear on my engine?
     The Power Module is designed to work within the factory tolerances and design specifications of your engine, requiring no hardware upgrades for successful results. Our default maps do not excessively raise maximum fuel rail pressure, preventing wear on the vehicle’s fuel system. 

    What power and torque gains can I expect?
     Every engine responds uniquely when tuned and results will vary across different mileages, but you can expect up to 30% gains in power and torque at various locations across the rev range. Estimates for each vehicle and engine type are available in the product pages for your vehicle Power Module. Select the current engine size, torque and power of your vehicle and an estimate will be shown of the improvement you can expect from the Power Module. 

    Is this considered Live Tuning?
     The Power Module is reading information in real time from your fuel rail and boost sensors, adapting the fuel signal based on the Power Map selected, sending the modified signal out in real time. This means your vehicle is being constantly tuned as you drive. 

    Does the Power Module save fuel?
     The Power Module creates more power and torque at lower revs, allowing you to drive in a higher gear than normal, using less fuel for the same workload. The byproduct of this is a fuel saving, especially driving on the motorway using a constant throttle. 

  • Disclaimer
  • All fuel economy gains were tested for and achieved in New Zealand for Elitedrive. Fuel economy benefits are ultimately driver dependent.


    While we have tuned vehicles for the maximum economy gains, results may vary and we offer a money back guarantee on your purchase if the result of 10% fuel economy benefit is not achieved.

  • Warranty
  • EltieDrive offer a warranty on the Power Modules & Economy Modules for 2 years. EliteDrive warranty covers defects in material or workmanship. Your warranty will be voided by normal wear, tear and damage resulting from accidental misuse, abuse, alteration, improper care or maintenance.


    While our EliteDrive Indemnity Insurance covers catastrophic failure of an engine due to Product Malfunction, Self Installation holds the Product Owner liable for installation related issues.


    The EliteDrive Power & Economy Modules use an offboard processor, intercepting the original fueling signal from the ECU, modifying it in real time and sending it on. There is no record ever saved into the ECU to show any adjustments were ever made. Before Warranty Servicing, remove the Power or Economy Module.  During an OBD2 port scan from the dealer or manufactuer, no records show up. This means you can run a Power Module or Economy Module on a vehicle under Manufacturer's Warranty safe in the knowledge removal of the Power Module will revert the vehicle back to 100% standard immediately.



    By fine-tuning the vehicle's fuel rail and boosting pressure, the Power Module enhances the atomisation process of each injector, thereby optimising the air-to-fuel mixture. This improved combustion process enables the engine to function with greater efficiency.


    The Power Module's flash memory is an advanced storage solution, meticulously designed to house specialised software perfectly calibrated for the specific vehicle in which the chip tuning box is to be installed. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance.


    The Power Module's external shell is crafted from ABS, reinforced with 30% fibreglass, ensuring utmost durability and strength. It boasts an impressive IP69 rating for water and dust resistance, offering unparalleled protection.


    The Power Module's wiring system features premium original connectors with IP67 waterproofing, ensuring exceptional moisture resistance. It is equipped with T4 wires and a self-extinguishing corrugated coating for enhanced safety and durability.

    How To Install

    Step 1

    Open the bonnet Remove the plastic engine cover

    Step 2

    Locate the Fuel Rail Sensor based on your instructions Unhook it and connect the original style plugs to those of the Power Module

    Step 3

    Locate the Boost Sensor Unhook it and connect the original style plugs to those of the Power Module

    Step 4

    Refit the plastic engine cover Installation complete. Test Drive Time!

    Customer Reviews

    Great after sale service
    Item as described and definite throttle improvments. Great communication and fast postage. Easy install (and uninstall). Still early days before fully recommending this product for the LDV G10. Thanks for the product and great after sales service!
    Vehicle: LDV G10
    It will blow your mind
    WoW ?? this is amazing, the whole deal, got a text next morning for the rego number, email with tracking details, so easy to plug in 5 mins, great photos and instructions, started up, wow took my Chrysler 300c diesel into v8 power range, it is 1000% better than i could have ever imagined, highly recommend everyone to buy one it will blow your mind.
    Vehicle: Chrysler 300cc
    Super stoked with the elite drive system make’s a massive difference super fast shipping, highly recommend to anyone whos looking for that lil bit extra power on the throttle A++++++
    Vehicle: Isuzu Dmax

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