EliteDrive Diesel Economy Power Module suits Ford Ranger
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Fuel Economy Power Module

Each EliteDrive Economy Module is designed specifically for the vehicle make and model, ensuring the highest level of performance and reliability. The Economy Module delivers a significant fuel economy benefit by way of creating more torque with less revs, allowing you to use less pedal for the same result.

How an Ecomony Module works

The wiring loom installs to your fuel rail and turbo boost sensor. This allows the Economy Module to raise fuel rail pressure safely while simultaneously making more boost available to create extra torque.

Because boost is raised, the air/fuel ratio’s remain standard and any hot exhaust gas tempatures are taken care of by the increased exhaust flow.

Without Compromise

The wiring loom connects to your fuel rail and boost sensors, and intercepts the fueling signal sent by your ECU. The device modifies this in real time to then send on a new signal that creates a lot more torque.