Automatic Mode

Select this fully automatic mode for a setting with no adjustment. Instead of a single setting, the advanced 32 Bit chipset intuitively adjusts your throttle response based on your own driving style. If you drive quietly, the response will be mild, but as soon as you put your foot down, the response will adjust accordingly. A great mode for a vehicle that shares many drivers.

Comford Mode

A very comfortable and smooth power delivery, great for getting away from the lights better and out of corners with a stronger push. You’ll experience stronger acceleration, as well as removing dangerous throttle delays entering traffic and round-a-bouts. Because you’ll be moving instead of sitting there waiting when you put your foot down, there’s usually around a 5% fuel economy benefit noticed when driven in Comfort Mode.

Sports Mode

Whether you’re on or off-road, Sport Mode will delivery some incredible performance. When you put your foot down, there’s an immediate power delivery and strong push giving you power when you want it. Higher levels of Sport like 7, 8 and 9 are for serious performance while lower numbers can often be ideal for around town in small cars.

Race Mode

In Race Mode, expect to be thrown back in your seat, even in a small car. The response will impress, with almost all throttle lag gone and throttle sensitivity turned right up. When you want the most extreme level of response, Race Mode delivers 10 levels of adjustment. Perfect for competition, hill climbs, track-days and a little fun in the hills

Towing Mode

Improves Towing Safety One of our exclusive modes is TOW Mode. This setting delivers unparalleled levels of torque delivery when you need it while driving with a heavy load. We developed this unique mode to make towing easier and ultimately safer. Set and Forget.

Offroad 4x4 Mode

When driving offroad, the biggest issue can be too much power or torque delivered at the wrong time. In 4×4 Mode you’ll find there’s a lot more control over the delivery of every hp, and you’ll avoid surging when driving over bumpy ground. Settings 7, 8 and 9 are Crawl Modes for very slippery conditions. Eg… Mud, Sand, Ice.

Fuel Economy Mode

Driving in town with lots of stop/start traffic causes us to use more fuel than necessary when accelerating away from the lights. In Economy Mode, you’ll be able to more carefully meter the fuel use, and benefit from using less fuel as a result. There’s 10 levels of adjustment in Economy. Mode to suit your driving the best.

Boost Overtake Mode

Need to overtake NOW? Hit the Overtake Boost and experience the fastest and safest overtake possible. Once the power hits, your overtake will be seamless and allows you to get back into the traffic stream without the delays and frustration felt before installation of a throttle booster.

Lock Mode

Immobilize your vehicle with the Throttle Contoller pin code lock mode.
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