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EliteDrive Economy Modules: Fuel Savings and Environmental Benefits

by Nathan Brookes 18 Dec 2023

A Leap Towards Environmental Responsibility

The EliteDrive Economy Modules are not just about saving fuel; they also contribute positively to the environment. By improving fuel efficiency, these modules reduce emissions, supporting eco-friendly business practices.

Significant Fuel Savings: A Case Study

EliteDrive's collaboration with LDV in the development of power modules for their vehicle range represents a significant advancement in LDV vehicles’ performance and efficiency. 

EliteDrive’s partnership with LDV was centred around a comprehensive brief, focusing on enhancing power, particularly in the midrange, maintaining fuel efficiency while ensuring a noticeable improvement during a test drive experience for any potential customer.

A critical aspect of this collaboration was achieving a minimum 10% fuel economy benefit, which is a significant factor for industries that are heavily vehicle reliant where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount. This goal was not only met but exceeded, with reported economy gains ranging from 10% to 17%*.

The EliteDrive modules used on the LDV trial have demonstrated significant fuel efficiency improvements, with reported savings between 10-17%. This not only benefits the environment but also results in substantial fuel cost savings for individual and vehicle owners.

fuel economy chip diesel

Advanced Technology for Optimal Performance

The modules work by increasing fuel rail pressure and boost, creating more torque with less revs. This technology ensures that vehicles perform efficiently without compromising on power or environmental standards.


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